Color Your Mood

Ever puzzled why purple signifies royalty? Takes a leap into the colour pool in an try to discover its myriad interpretations. Cease at crimson, go at inexperienced, is the primary rule of the street. Every hue alludes to totally different contexts and references. It is fascinating to notice the affiliation of colours and feelings.


Seeing crimson implies anger and rage. Allow us to discover how this affiliation of the colour crimson with an emotion happened. The bottom of the colours within the spectrum, crimson is heat and usually stands for hazard, violence and anger. On the optimistic aspect, crimson additionally denotes braveness and fervour. Inexperienced, however, falls in the midst of the spectrum and acts as a “balancer” between the nice and cozy and funky colours. Inexperienced can also be related to therapeutic. “Draping inexperienced curtains in sufferers rooms expediates the therapeutic course of. Because of this, operation theatres world huge have inexperienced curtains and docs normally put on inexperienced when working”.

Nevertheless, not all colours have common symbolism. Throughout cultures, colours suggest totally different feelings and events. White is the colour of mourning in oriental cultures whereas within the West, white is the colour of the virgin bride. The Indian bride historically wears crimson, as a testomony to her fertility. Whereas many cultures deal with black as a coloration of mourning. Purple dyes have been uncommon a few centuries in the past, which made them costly. Solely royalty had entry to them, typically receiving purple dyed materials as items, giving it its “royal” standing.



Coloration remedy or chromotherapy, is basically an alternate complementary methodology of therapy utilizing the therapeutic properties of coloration and light-weight. The idea of the remedy is that colours result in feelings in folks and these colours can be utilized within the type of mild to steadiness the physique’s energies. Coloration is basically mild of various wavelengths, giving every coloration its separate wavelength and power. The seven colours of the spectrum are related to seven chakra or non secular facilities within the physique that emit totally different energies. As an example, crimson is related to the foundation chakra whereas violet is assigned to the crown chakra.

Pranic therapeutic

Pranic therapeutic is one other self-discipline that makes use of colours to alleviate issues. It’s meant to be a complementary therapy. The aura envelops the bodily physique and pulsates. Auras are of various shapes and colours. When an individual is balanced, the aura is in uniform colours of comparable frequencies and wavelengths. Illness or imbalances may be decided. Darkish shapes, holes, cracks or entanglements within the aura decide what’s disturbing the particular person. A sick particular person can have a slender aura that doesn’t pulsate. Superior Pranic Therapeutic makes use of coloration prana, that includes projecting coloured pranas on a person for the aim of therapeutic. We’re all beings of sunshine. Lights in our physique have wavelengths of various hex color code. With reference to coloration prana, focusing a specific mild on the physique concentrates energies and has even been proven to extend blood rely.


Colours have each optimistic a unfavourable qualities connected to them. Nevertheless, the positives far outnumber the unfavourable connotations. And though publicity to a specific coloration might help steadiness any irregularities within the system, an excessive amount of of 1 coloration can have unfavourable results. Navy blue initially helps in being sensible, however extended use causes despair. Yellow helps in lifting spirits when feeling down, however extended use makes an individual argumentative. Sporting crimson offers power, however an excessive amount of of it will possibly trigger anger to floor. When feeling lazy and sluggish-orange is the panacea. However sustained use makes an individual irritable. Black absorbs and retains so it is extremely troublesome to let go of unfavourable emotions for those who put on too such black. Imbibing a specific colours does alter bodily and psychological states. Colours does everything-even well being. From private expertise I’ve seen that sporting white over a protracted time period makes an individual indifferent from worldly needs and preserve an emotional distance.

Colours have much more functions than simply in paint, pigments and garments. Additionally they have a non secular aspect and a therapeutic aspect.

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