Halo 4 Requiem Walkthrough, How to Complete Mission 2 Alone on Legendary

Half 1: Requiem

This mission is significantly more durable and longer than the primary mission. It ought to take you round 45 minutes to finish in case you are taking part in on a difficult issue. For this primary time, you’ll have to battle covenant autos (particularly Ghosts and banshees) and hunters. It’s best to all the time preserve the loadout of a headshot weapon (both a carbine or a battle rifle) and a plasma pistol aside from if you battle the hunters on the finish.

You start this mission having landed from orbit with the loadout of an assault rifle and a magnum. Wreckage from the Ahead unto Daybreak and covenant ships encompass you, together with a number of covenant weapons. As you stroll ahead, you’ll find a plasma pistol subsequent to a grunt carcass, with which you need to swap your assault rifle. Circle left across the wreckage and proceed ahead you till you come to the highest of a small cliff. Subsequent to a covenant crate, you’ll find a 54 ammo carbine, with which you need to swap your magnum. It’s best to now have the loadout of a carbine (a headshot weapon) and a plasma pistol, which can permit you to simply kill all the covenant infantry. Proceed down the trail although the crevice forward of you and you’ll ultimately come to a number of Warthogs. Within the construction to your left, there’s a second Warthog and a battle rifle and assault rifle crate. When you want the battle rifle over the carbine, you’ll be able to swap your carbine for the battle rifle. I recommend that you simply preserve the carbine as a result of it’s barely extra correct, fires sooner, and has much less recoil. It additionally has extra ammo (conserving in thoughts that the battle rifle shoots 3-shot bursts).

Enter any of the Warthogs and drive down the trail till you attain the covenant outpost forward. Exit your Warthog on the high of the hill and await the phantoms to go away earlier than transferring to the appropriate cliff wall. Alongside the appropriate wall, there’s an elevated space with 4 grunts (two with gasoline rods) and a jackal sniper in a sniper tower. Use the incline of the grass hill as cowl as you climb as much as this space, choosing off the sniper and gasoline rod grunts as quickly as doable. It’s most secure to kill these grunts from a distance as a result of you’ll have extra time to dodge gasoline rods. As well as, they may have a really exhausting time hitting you if you happen to bounce round lots and transfer sporadically.

In case you are taking part in Co-op: In case you are taking part in with a number of gamers, chances are you’ll want to keep within the Warthog. Clearly, one particular person ought to drive and one particular person ought to function the machinegun (a third particular person may also trip within the Warthog). Wait on the high of the hill till the phantoms leaves earlier than you have interaction the enemies. Make sure you kill the jackal sniper earlier than he can snipe any of the gamers out of the Warthog. When preventing gasoline rod grunts, drive perpendicular to them in order that they’ve a tough time hitting you. The driving force ought to by no means attempt to ram enemies; moderately, he ought to keep distant from the enemies to that the gunner can kill them from a distance.

After you remove the enemies on this mini-plateau, transfer to the left ledge and test for grunts or jackals beneath you. When you see any, kill them with carbine headshots and again up for canopy if mandatory. Then, enter the sniper tower to swap your plasma pistol for the jackal sniper’s beam rifle. As a result of the beam rifle may be very correct and has a 5-10x scope, you need to use it to snipe enemies on the opposite facet of the canyon. Stroll to the entrance of the mini-plateau and stand on the decline so that you’ve a transparent shot on the enemies on the far facet of the canyon. Use the scope, and you need to see 2 – 3 grunts, 1 – 2 jackals, a jackal sniper in a sniper tower, and an elite main. The elite shall be working a plasma turret. The beam rifle is highly effective sufficient to decrease rating elites with solely two headshots, and it may clearly kill any gentle infantry with a single headshot. Kill the elite and the jackal sniper first, then kill some other seen enemies.

When you look off the left facet of the mini-plateau once more, you need to see a Ghost operated by both an elite or a grunt. Use the beam rifle to snipe the enemy out of the Ghost. At this level, you’ll not want the beam rifle any longer, so search for a covenant crate on the mini-plateau with carbines and plasma pistols. Restock on carbine ammo and swap your beam rifle for a plasma pistol. When you look off the left finish of the mini-plateau, you need to see an empty Ghost parked towards a rock in the course of the canyon. Enter this Ghost and use it to drive to the again proper facet of the canyon. Because of the Ghost’s velocity and injury resistance, any enemy that has gotten again within the plasma turret shall be unable to hit you. When you attain the rock formation on the again left facet of the field canyon, exit your Ghost and survey the remaining enemies across the covenant outpost. Relying on what number of enemies you sniped earlier than, you need to see an elite and a few variety of grunts and jackals. Use your carbine to kill all the gentle infantry from a distance, together with any grunt working the plasma turret (due to your angle, he shall be unable to hit you.) Then, transfer as much as kill the elite by eradicating his shields together with your overcharged plasma pistol and killing him with a carbine headshot.

Exit the field canyon by the crevice within the again. Be ready for 3 grunt heavies with gasoline rods to ambush you after you around the second flip. Transfer simply far sufficient across the nook which you could shoot the grunts and step again as quickly as you see them hearth at you. When you take them out one after the other and keep near the nook, you’ll be able to kill them safely. Proceed by the crevice and you’ll come to a a lot bigger covenant outpost forward. In entrance of you, there’s a shallow hill with 3 grunts (one with a gasoline rod) and an elite main on high. Stroll up the hill with the intention to barely see the enemy infantry and start killing those closest to you. For canopy, merely stroll again down the hill and the curve will shield you.

After you kill all the infantry straight in entrance of you, climb to the highest of the hill and transfer to the appropriate wall. On the highest of the forerunner construction forward of you, there’s a jackal sniper with a beam rifle. Use the any of the rocks as cowl and kill the jackal sniper with a headshot. In entrance of those rocks, there are 3 – 4 grunts, 1 – 2 jackals, and an elite basic with a concussion rifle. It is crucial that you simply kill the sunshine infantry first earlier than you have interaction elite. In any other case, the grunts and jackals will present him with protecting hearth after you take away his shields, stopping you from ending him with a headshot. (It is a good tactic that you need to use at any time when doable). Transfer to the facet of the rock pile so that you’ve a transparent shot at one or two grunts at time. This fashion, the opposite infantry shall be unable to see you, so you’ll be able to focus your whole consideration on the few enemies you might be partaking. Proceed to reposition your self in cowl behind the rocks to kill all the gentle infantry. Now, you’ll be able to safely have interaction the elite with an overcharged plasma pistol and carbine headshot.

In an effort to attain the highest of the forerunner construction forward, you’ll need climb one of many two ramps positioned on both facet. 4 grunts and a pair of jackals guard the appropriate ramp, and a pair of grunts and a pair of jackals guard the left ramp. Discover a pile of rocks a good distance away from the infantry round the appropriate ramp and use it as cowl to select them off from a distance. It’s best to snipe them from farther away as a result of you’ll be able to simply hit them together with your correct headshot weapon whereas they may have a really exhausting time hitting you with their plasma pistols and needlers. Use the ramp to the appropriate that you simply simply cleared to entry the second stage of the forerunner construction, the place there are some extra grunts and jackals. Use both the ramp or the room in the course of the extent as cowl to kill these gentle infantry.

Within the heart of the second stage, there’s one other ramp resulting in the third stage. There are 2 grunts, 2 jackals, and an elite spec-ops with an power sword on the third stage. As soon as once more, you’ll need to kill the sunshine infantry earlier than you have interaction the elite spec ops, so climb to the highest of the ramp and start choosing off the grunts and jackals closest to you. In case your shields fall, again down the ramp for canopy. After you have killed all the grunts and jackals, the elite spec ops will cost you along with his power sword. Kill him earlier than he reaches you with a plasma pistol and carbine mixture whereas backing up. Seize his energetic camouflage armor capability and return to the second stage to select off the enemy infantry guarding the left ramp (you ignored them earlier than).

Enter the forerunner construction by the door on the high of the tower. Stroll to the again wall, the place you’ll find a forerunner cartographer. Nevertheless, it is going to mysteriously shut down, so you’ll need to activate two techniques to convey it again on-line. Head in direction of the waypoint alongside the left wall and restock on carbine ammo from the covenant crate alongside the way in which. Activate the sunshine bridge in entrance of the waypoint and use it to cross to the system. As quickly as you flip it on, the platform you might be on will start to descend. Instantly bounce again onto the sunshine bridge you activated earlier than. This can permit you to transfer to a greater sniping place over the primary room with the cartographer. Out of your vantage level, you need to see 7 grunts, 2 jackals, and a pair of elites in the primary room. Carbine snipe as lots of the gentle infantry as doable out of your place earlier than partaking the elites. As a result of your place is greater up than the enemies, you’ll be able to merely again up for canopy. You should use your energetic camouflage armor capability when you are sniping in order that the enemies have a more durable time hitting you. As soon as solely the elites stay, bounce down and kill one after the other with a plasma pistol and carbine mixture. Now you can proceed to restart the second system.

As soon as once more, activate the sunshine bridge, activate the system, and bounce again onto the sunshine bridge. Now there shall be are massive variety of covenant within the cartographer room, together with 2 elites subsequent to the cartographer. Start by choosing off all the grunts and jackals which you could see out of your sniping place. Use any of the constructions as cowl to push your means over to the opposite facet of the room, killing any infantry you see alongside the way in which. Watch out of a jackal sniper with a beam rifle close to the cartographer, and kill him as quickly as you’ll be able to. After you efficiently push your approach to the appropriate facet of the room, transfer to the again proper nook the place you’ll have a transparent shot on the elites surrounding the cartographer. Use the massive columns to your left as cowl to kill the elites one after the other. Ensure that you permit your shields to regenerate totally after killing one elite earlier than stepping out of canopy to kill the opposite one. After you kill all the enemies within the room, restock on carbine ammo from the crate you used earlier than and reactivate the cartographer.

Half 2: A Star to Steer By

You start this part in a room with a door on the finish. When you stroll by this door, it is going to shut completely behind you. Outdoors of this door, there’s a platform above a bridge occupied by many covenant, together with a phantom hovering at your stage. Watch for the phantom to go away earlier than strolling by the door or else it is going to kill you. As soon as it leaves, stroll by the door and start choosing off the infantry beneath from atop the ledge. When the realm beneath you appears to be like clear, bounce down onto the bridge.

There are a lot of grunts, jackals, and a pair of elites between you and the top of this bridge section. Use this technique to progress alongside the bridge till you attain the top. Start by taking cowl behind a big structural piece (similar to a column or block) distant from the enemies forward. Decide of as lots of the gentle infantry as you’ll be able to earlier than transferring ahead, all the time staying close to some piece of canopy. As you get nearer to the enemies, you need to be capable to kill extra of them. When you attain one of many elites, cost your plasma pistol from behind cowl, then step out of canopy to stun and kill them. By repeating this course of, you’ll be able to push all the approach to the top of the bridge section. On the finish, there’s a phantom hovering over the bridge. Subsequently, you’ll need to remain in cowl from the phantom as you kill the remaining gentle infantry and the final elite.

After you kill all the infantry, the phantom will depart. Look throughout to the subsequent bridge section, the place you need to see a jackal sniper. Kill this sniper now earlier than you cross to the second half of the bridge. Now, use the ramps to the left or the appropriate of the bridge to descend to the catwalk beneath, which you’ll use to cross to the opposite facet. On the other facet of the catwalk, there are 2 grunts, 3 jackals, and an elite main. Discover a piece of canopy and decide off all the grunts and jackals together with your carbine, then rush throughout the sunshine bridge to kill the elite with a plasma pistol and carbine mixture. Now you can ascend to the second half of the bridge.

Along with extra grunts, jackals, and elites, two banshees guard this section of the bridge. Fortunately, you even have entry to a banshee that you need to use to kill them. This banshee is parked unattended on the very fringe of the bridge section, simply behind the place the ramp from the catwalk ends. Ensure that you don’t fly over the bridge within the banshee or else the infantry might EMP or injury you; as a substitute, have interaction the opposite banshees to the left or proper of the bridge. I discover it best to battle these banshees by flying straight in direction of them and firing a gasoline rod once they get shut. If the gasoline rod doesn’t solely destroy the banshee, end it off together with your plasma turrets (swap weapons within the banshee by urgent y). When you destroy each of the enemy plane, land your banshee from the place you took off.

Now you can use the identical technique you used earlier than to battle your means throughout the bridge section. As soon as once more, discover cowl behind any of the bigger rocks or constructions and start choosing off the grunts and jackals from a distance. Slowly transfer ahead whereas all the time staying near cowl, and kill the elites as quickly as you come inside plasma pistol vary. Watch out, as a result of the elite basic on the finish bridge wields a concussion rifle. Be sure you kill all the different infantry round him earlier than you have interaction him. As soon as solely this elite stays, keep in cowl to cost your plasma pistol, then shortly come out to stun and kill him earlier than he has time to shoot you. If mandatory, bounce round lots to keep away from his gradual transferring photographs. Exit by the door on the finish of the bridge to proceed to the subsequent rally level.

Half 3: The Gateway

Upon exiting the bridge, you’ll enter a big outside space with a mix of covenant infantry and autos forward. Immediately in entrance of you, there are three grunts that you need to instantly kill with carbine headshots. After killing them, transfer to the massive rock characteristic to your left for canopy. Subsequent to this rock, there’s a crate with battle rifles and assault rifles. You might be most definitely operating low on carbine ammo at the moment, so swap your carbine for a battle rifle.

The world forward is damaged into three sections; an elevated platform to the left, an uncovered space within the center, and mirrored elevated platform to the appropriate. On every elevated platform, there are some gentle infantry, a jackal sniper, a plasma turret, and a shade turret. Within the heart space, there are extra gentle infantry and an elite. As well as, two grunt operated Ghosts patrol the realm. From the quilt of your rock, snipe the grunts out of every shade turret by taking pictures the highest of their head (which is simply barely uncovered). If doable, kill the jackal snipers at the moment as effectively. Due to the form of plasma turrets, you can not snipe the enemies out of them from a distance, so you’ll need to remove them later.

The Ghosts are comparatively aggressive, so at the least considered one of them ought to method your place. Since you wouldn’t have a sniper rifle, you’ll need to hijack these Ghosts to remove them. As soon as one of many Ghosts comes near you, cost up your plasma pistol from cowl after which come out and shortly stun it. Instantly dash in direction of it and melee the grunt driver to kill it (or press x to hijack the Ghost.) Drive the Ghost in direction of again of this space (the place you got here from) in order that different covenant infantry to do reenter it. Carry out this similar course of when you see the second Ghost.

When you remove each Ghosts (or if the second is staying again), proceed to the appropriate facet of the realm. Dash to the rocks subsequent to the shade turret and use them as cowl from the plasma turret and enemies within the center part. From right here, you may have a superb shot on the covenant within the heart space, so start choosing off as many gentle infantry as doable together with your battle rifle. When you didn’t already jack it, the second Ghost will assault you round now, so stun and hijack it as described above. After you have killed all the gentle infantry you’ll be able to see, use the steps to your proper to succeed in the highest of the elevated platform you might be subsequent to. You’ll now be on to the facet of the plasma turret, so you’ll be able to simply kill the grunt working it. End off some other infantry on this platform or the middle space at the moment.

Simply previous the elevated platform you might be on, there’s a ramp that leads as much as the subsequent space, the place there are lots of grunts and an elite main with a concussion rifle. The entire grunts that have been on the left platform now may have joined this huge group of infantry. Use the slope of the ramp as cowl to kill the grunts with battle rifle headshots. If any of the enemies throw a grenade at you, you should definitely step to the facet of it as a substitute of strolling backwards or else you would possibly stroll proper into its path. As soon as solely the elite stays, kill him with a plasma pistol and battle rifle mixture. In case you are operating low on battle rifle 17 wsm Ammo for sale, you need to return to the battle rifle crate to restock on ammo.

Stroll by into the hallway in the back of this space. On the finish of the hallway, there are stairs resulting in the subsequent stage with 4 grunts and an elite spec ops with an power sword on high. Start by killing as lots of the grunts as doable, however as quickly because the elite spec ops fees you, focus your whole consideration on him. Overcharge your plasma pistol, stun him, and end him with a battle rifle headshot whereas backing as much as kill him earlier than he reaches you. Then end off any remaining grunts.

Upon exiting the room you might be in, observe the trail to the appropriate. As you come across the nook, you need to see 5 grunts, a jackal, and an elite main. Take cowl behind the covenant barricade and kill the sunshine infantry, then the elite. Across the subsequent nook, there are two jackals and a jackal sniper. Instantly kill the jackal sniper from the quilt of the nook, then deal with the jackals. Proceed up the ramp and across the nook you’ll find two elites with carbines preventing quite a lot of forerunner sentinels, in addition to a phantom offering air help. Watch for this phantom to go away, then stun and kill the elites whereas they’re centered on the sentinels. The sentinels is not going to assault you

Now, solely two hunters stand between you and the top of this mission. It is a very straightforward hunter battle as a result of you may have entry to loads of gasoline rod ammo, and the hunters are centered on preventing the sentinels. Slightly below the platform with the hunters, there’s a covenant crate with gasoline rod weapons and plasma pistols. Swap your plasma pistol for a gasoline rod gun and climb the ramp to the platform with the hunters. Keep on the ramp and start bombarding the closest hunter within the again with gasoline rods. Make sure you keep watch over the opposite hunter in order that he doesn’t assault you when you find yourself not suspecting it. If the hunter you might be preventing turns round, proceed to bombard him with gasoline rods and stroll again down the ramp for canopy. 4 – 7 direct hits ought to kill the hunter. Restock on gasoline rod ammo and kill the second hunter whereas he’s centered on the sentinels.

Now you can enter the forerunner construction. Head to the again of the spire and enter the elevator on the far finish. This elevator will take you to the highest of the spire. That concludes this mission.

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